Adventures In Aquascaping

The fourth and final installment of Adventures in Aquascaping hit the shelves this month, with the release of the August issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. Available now online, and in stores in the first week of July. I’ve just finished a 45 gallon paludarium for my new Geosesarma Crabs. This month, check out the finishing touches, planting, and the introduction of crabs and shrimp.

If you are a TFH Digital subscriber, the digital magazine page is but for anyone without a subscription, you can also find it at Barnes & Noble, and on select news stands nationwide. For all you iPhone fans out there, you can also read the article via TFH’s new iPhone app, which is free and comes with 3 free issues!

Don’t forget to check out the TFH AIA Blog for a full tank shot and a quick plants list. And if you missed last months article, check out how I used cork to build up the hardscape.

Keep an eye out for continued coverage, including more photos, video, and a review of the Reef Brite LED fixtures that I’ve been testing. And if you like plants, take a peak of the list of plants I posted, along with links and photos.

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5 Responses to “Adventures In Aquascaping”

  1. Loved your article in TFH. Very inspiring. Wondering what the live backdrop wooded plants were.

  2. Thanks figital, I hope it gave you some ideas for a tank of your own. There is a complete list of the plants I used in the tank here: Let me know if you have any specific questions, I’m happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

  3. Hi
    Can you please let me know what type of lighting you used for your 45 gallon paludarium?
    Thank You

  4. Hi Massimo.

    I’m still experimenting with lighting on this tank, and have been trying different combinations of LED and Daylight T5 bulbs. Currently, the tank is lit by 3 24″ T5 bulbs at 6500k, and 1 ReefBrite 24″ LED Strip which is a warm daylight prototype, that is similar to a 3000k bulb, and very bright. In the past I have run white daylight Reefbrites, twist in CFL’s and the T5’s. I’ve found that the plants grow much more optimally with a combination of light spectrum provided by the T5’s and the Reefbrite LED’s. A 50/50 mix of the two seems to promote growth, and the warmness of the warm daylight LED’s has a very similar feel to afternoon sunlight.

    I really like the Reefbrite products, which I have been testing for several months now, so keep an eye out for a review as well. Check out for more info.

  5. […] a few quick photos showing some of the recent growth in the paludarium I built for TFH magazine. I’ve started using the drip feature for only a few minutes every other day or so, in an […]