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  • Carinotetraodon travancoricus – Dwarf Puffer I just got this little guy from MsJinkzd and gotta say, he’s a mean little snail hunter. I estimated he’s murderized 150 malaysian trumpet snails in the last 3 days. Very fun to watch in the 5 gallon paludarium next to my desk.

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  • Stiphodon in the wild – Odyssey3543

    If you don’t know Odyssey’s videos, you’re missing out. His youtube channel is an amazing resource full of some of my favorite Stiphodon and Rhinogobius shot in the wild. It’s amazing to see the Percnopterygionus and Atropurpureus I keep at home, in their native habitat. Here’s a couple more of his recent videos:

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  • Rhinogobius Zhoui eggs hatching!

    Last week, I was at the right place at the right time, and my good friend Ricky aka Inka4040/Pabloxanibar hooked me up with a clutch of Rhinogobius Zhoui eggs hanging from a rock. The beautiful parents are above. The eggs have been in a 2.5 gallon tank with an air driven sponge and powerhead for […]

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  • An interesting article on CNN: Aquaculture in Asia

    Small fish, big business: Asia’s billion dollar live reef fish trade An interesting article about the Asian demand for live reef fish and the aquaculture market that is rising to try and meet the needs of Restauranteurs throughout the region. The demand for live coral grouper completely exceeds supply. If demand keeps up, you won’t […]

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  • Check out Ricky’s Gobies!

    My Buddy Ricky has some amazing fish, and has really turned me on to a few of my now favorite species. His Sicyopterus have started showing their breeding colors, after 2 years of waiting. This video is not to be missed! And check out more of Ricky’s amazing 90 gallon Goby tank over at […]

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  • Invasion of the ciclids
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  • NEC Aquarium Societies 2011 Convention

    SABADO SABADO SABADO! Un espect√°culo de los peces y los aficionados para que todos disfruten!!! That’s right folks, this Saturday, in the middle of Connecticut, fish geeks on parade! I’ll be there, will you??? The Friday through Sunday event boasts fantastic speakers from around the globe, a Vendor Room, discussion groups, specialty organization meetings and […]

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  • Frank found percs!

    Thanks to Mr. Chawla for pointing out that Frank’s Aquarium seems to have found a supplier for Stiphodon Percnopterygionus. Last year I built a fast flowing river tank specifically for these tiny algae eaters, and have been waiting for a chance to find some friends! Way to go frank!

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  • Chili Endlers

    Update Oct7, 2012: I’ve noticed this is a pretty popular page, with a lot of you finding it from your image searches for Chili Endlers. I still have these available, and breeding strong, if anyone is interested. Get in touch! And no on to the original story… I’ve been having a lot of luck with […]

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  • The original 20 gallon cork tank

    Back in March 2009, I started up a 20 gallon tank with a stepped cork background, to see how cork stood the test of time. It’s had a few small hickups along the way, but for the most part is a really nice tank that is pretty easy to maintain. I documented the tank over […]

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