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  • TFH Spotlight on Geosessarma Breeding

    This month, Tropical Fish Hobbyist is featuring my Geosessarma breeding video in their newsletter and blog. Check it out at

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  • Take it easy big papa!

    Unfortunately, the Red Devils do show a bit of a cannibalistic streak. There were fruit flies in the tank, as well as the worms and isopods that live in the soil, but this adult chose to grab a younger crab instead. The crab actually tried to fight off my tongs when I went in to […]

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  • Caught in the act: Geosesarma Mating

    I’ve been keeping Geosesarma crabs now for many months, and they’ve been steadily reproducing in the paludarium. But except for one rare occasion, I haven’t actually seen them complete the mating ritual. This weekend, I was lucky enough to catch them on film.

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  • Rhinogobius Zhoui eggs hatching!

    Last week, I was at the right place at the right time, and my good friend Ricky aka Inka4040/Pabloxanibar hooked me up with a clutch of Rhinogobius Zhoui eggs hanging from a rock. The beautiful parents are above. The eggs have been in a 2.5 gallon tank with an air driven sponge and powerhead for […]

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