The Plants in my 45 gallon paludarium project

There are many things to consider when building a paludarium, but I think one of the most important aspects to any habitat is the choice of plants. The 45 gallon tank I’ve been building for my Red Devil crabs contains over 30 species of tropical plants, including ferns, mosses, orchids and many creeping vines. I’ve compiled a partial list here, with a few links to information and pictures around the web that are a good starting point, to get to know some of these fantastic plants. I’ll be adding links as I find interesting information, let me know if you’ve got anything good for me to read or add. Thanks to all of the growers who, in one way or another, contributed plants to this project. They come from magical, distant places, like Hawaii, New Jersey, Ohio, and Times Square.

See a list of the plants, and a gallery of photos, after the jump…

Terrestrial Plants

Conocephalum Sp. – “Liverwort”

Edanyoa Difformis – “Bolbitis Davallia”

Ficus Pumila – “Creeping Fig”

Hemianthus Callitrichoides – “HC Cuba”

  • Common in the aquarium trade, very tiny, originally from cuba
  • Google Images

Hibiscus Acetosella – “Red Leaf Hibiscus”

  • A flowering Hibiscus with dark red leaves – I am not positive of this ID.
  • Google Images

Marcgravia Sp.

Marchantia polymorpha – “Liverwort”

Paradrymonia Campostyla

Pellaea Rotundifolia – “Button Fern”

Peperomia Sp. – “Little Red Tree”

Pilea Sp – “Tiny Tears”

Pleurothallis Allenii

Rhaphidophora Hayi

Riccardia Sp. – “Mini Pellia”

Ruellia Makoyana – “Monkey Plant”

Schismatoglottis Sp.

Tolumnia Sp. – “Pretty in Pink”

Aquatic Plants

Anubias Barteri – “Anubias Nana”

Anubias Barteri var. Nana ‘Petite’ – “Petite Nana”

Cryptocoryne Wendtii – “Crypt Wendtii”

Eleocharis Sp. – “Dwarf Hair Grass”

Fontinalis Antipyretica – “Weeping Moss”

Hydrocotyle Verticillata – “Pennywort”

Hydrocotyle Tripatita – “Dwarf Pennywort”

Limnobium Laevigatum – “Amazon Frogbit”

Phyllanthus Fluitans – “Red Root Floater”

Rotala Rotundifolia – “Dwarf Rotala”

Sagittaria Subulata – “Dwarf Sag”

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