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  • 45 Gallon Paludarium Updates

    Just a few quick photos showing some of the recent growth in the paludarium I built for TFH magazine. I’ve started using the drip feature for only a few minutes every other day or so, in an effort to combat the algae that had started growing on the cork and Riccardia in wet areas. Some […]

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  • Plant Profile: Hemianthus Callitrichoides

    This month I’ve been asked to write a quick species profile for one of my favorite aquatic plants, Hemianthus callitrichoides. The smallest known aquatic stem plant, HC is known for it’s lush, compact growth and is often used to carpet the foreground of high light planted tanks. I love growing HC emersed along the waterline […]

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  • Adventures In Aquascaping

    The fourth and final installment of Adventures in Aquascaping hit the shelves this month, with the release of the August issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. Available now online, and in stores in the first week of July. I’ve just finished a 45 gallon paludarium for my new Geosesarma Crabs. This month, check out the finishing […]

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  • The Plants in my 45 gallon paludarium project

    There are many things to consider when building a paludarium, but I think one of the most important aspects to any habitat is the choice of plants. The 45 gallon tank I’ve been building for my Red Devil crabs contains over 30 species of tropical plants, including ferns, mosses, orchids and many creeping vines. I’ve […]

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  • About the Nepenthes Ampullaria

    The Nepenthes Ampullaria is an odd little pitcher plant that has been reported to be used as a home to multiple species of crab, including the Geosesarma Malayanum and Geosesarma Perracae crabs. Check out this great PDF from the Nature in Singapore website, for a detailed report: I think this plant might be more […]

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