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  • A few Geosesarma Crablets

    Every couple of weeks, I need to weed out the extra floating Salvinia Minima from my 10 gallon paludarium. When I remove the plants, I shake them around in a shallow bin of freshwater, to find as many of the baby crabs that are living in the plants as possible. This week I found 4 […]

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  • A quick 10 gallon paludarium for crabs

    On November 5th last year, I decided to put together a quick and dirty paludarium as a grow out for a handful of Red Devil crabs I had caught from my main tank. The tank’s been really easy to care for, and is way more pleasure than work, so I thought I’d share some photos […]

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  • A quick video: feeding the Geosesarma
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  • Join the Geosesarma group on Facebook

    I started a new facebook group for people who keep or are interested in Geosesarma crabs. Feel free to join up if you’re interested.

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  • TFH Spotlight on Geosessarma Breeding

    This month, Tropical Fish Hobbyist is featuring my Geosessarma breeding video in their newsletter and blog. Check it out at

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  • Take it easy big papa!

    Unfortunately, the Red Devils do show a bit of a cannibalistic streak. There were fruit flies in the tank, as well as the worms and isopods that live in the soil, but this adult chose to grab a younger crab instead. The crab actually tried to fight off my tongs when I went in to […]

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  • 45 Gallon Paludarium Updates

    Just a few quick photos showing some of the recent growth in the paludarium I built for TFH magazine. I’ve started using the drip feature for only a few minutes every other day or so, in an effort to combat the algae that had started growing on the cork and Riccardia in wet areas. Some […]

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  • Caught in the act: Geosesarma Mating

    I’ve been keeping Geosesarma crabs now for many months, and they’ve been steadily reproducing in the paludarium. But except for one rare occasion, I haven’t actually seen them complete the mating ritual. This weekend, I was lucky enough to catch them on film.

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  • A quick video of my Red Devils
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  • Adventures In Aquascaping

    The fourth and final installment of Adventures in Aquascaping hit the shelves this month, with the release of the August issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. Available now online, and in stores in the first week of July. I’ve just finished a 45 gallon paludarium for my new Geosesarma Crabs. This month, check out the finishing […]

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  • It’s official. I’ve got crabs.

    I’m just itching with excitement! These Red Devil Geosesarma’s came in today, and are absolutely beautiful specimens. I can’t wait to get them into their new home. Special thanks to Richard Burke, a fantastic breeder specializing in captive bred Geosesarma crabs. He’s shared a wealth of knowledge, as well as 8 of his most beautiful […]

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  • Invertebrates by Msjinkzd

    Hidden deep in the backwoods of Pensylvania is a magical place. They call it Invertebrates by Msjinkzd. is located in York, PA and is run by Rachel O’Leary. Rachel has become a great friend over the last few years, and she has got a beautiful fish room full of the best quality fish and […]

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