Chili Endlers

Update Oct7, 2012: I’ve noticed this is a pretty popular page, with a lot of you finding it from your image searches for Chili Endlers. I still have these available, and breeding strong, if anyone is interested. Get in touch!

And no on to the original story…

I’ve been having a lot of luck with a group of Chili Endlers I got over the winter. I started out with 4 fish a few months ago, and have created an unstoppable army of beautiful little livebearers. Their red coloration is a unique and sought after trait. The scarlet red color is complimented with shades of neon blue around the head and gil and black bars on the abdomen. A few in the group have been starting to show black edges to their tail fins, which is almost like a fine black outline.

Available for a limited time on Aquabid, and coming soon to!

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4 Responses to “Chili Endlers”

  1. HI ,

    Cool write up and thanks for the informaton. Would you be able to give me some tips on breeding these beauties. Also are they as easy as breeding regular guppies? Also whwre did ou buy them form and how much did they cost?


  2. These endlers breed about as easily as guppies, and don’t eat their young. I’ve found that they breed faster when fed frozen and live foods, than when they are fed only pellets, but their diet is a mix of bloodworms, fruitflies, fancy guppy pellets, and fry powders. When breeding, it is important to seperate or cull males that do not have solid red coloration, or they can start reverting back towards black bar endler style, which must be in their genes somewhere.

  3. Can someno please tell me where I could buy some chilli endlers? I need to get someof these soon.


  4. I have them available if you’re in the US. Contact me directly for more!