Adventures in Aquascaping

The third installment of Adventures in Aquascaping hit the shelves this month, with the release of the July issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. Available now online, and in stores in the first week of June. I’m building a 45 gallon paludarium to house a gang of Geosesarma Crabs. This month, see how I cover the plumbed insert with cork bark and prepare it for final planting. If you missed last months article, check out a few photos of the plumbing.

If you are a TFH Digital subscriber, the digital magazine page is but for anyone without a subscription, you can also find it at Barnes & Noble, and on select news stands nationwide. Don’t forget to check out the TFH AIA Blog for a few other details this month, including the problem I had with my float away island. The remedy: Gorilla Glue!

Keep an eye out for continued coverage, including my upcoming plant list with links and photos galore and a review of the Reef Brite LED fixtures that I’ve been testing.

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