Adventures in Aquascaping

Check out part 1 of 4 of Adventures In Aquascaping in the May issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist.

Available now online, and in stores in the first week of April.

It’s been really fun so far, I’m about half way through building a 45 gallon tank to house a gang of Geosesarma Crabs. It will be a rough, dripping, planted paludarium fabricated from natural cork bark tubes.

If you are a TFH Digital subscriber, I believe the link to the digital magazine page is, but for everyone else without a subscription, you can also check out the TFH Blog which has some coverage as well.

In terms of decoration, most hobbyists tend to use plants, driftwood, live rock, coral, and even a range of plastic items, but Bill Brissette prefers to use something a little different—cork bark. Bill, who is fascinated with environments where land and water meet, has found that cork is the perfect medium for a paludarium because it is lightweight, non-toxic, water-resistant, and easy to work with. Mosses and other low-growing plants readily grow on a cork surface, giving the tank a natural look. – Shari Horowitz, TFH

Thanks to everyone at TFH, who’ve been a pleasure to work with. It’s really an honor to be asked to contribute to such a great magazine!

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  1. I like what the editor wrote about you! Congrats on being recognized by TFH. Having witnessed you build multiple tanks, I think people will learn alot from your series.