A video of my 5.5 gallon Paludarium

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  1. It appears a year has passed and I wanted to know how the tank was doing-and-days! I guess I misguided you with my original question on aquaria central – what I meant was, what was contained inside the plastic mesh that you put around and underneath the bottom of the cork pieces? It looks as if there is a sort of blueish container (I think it was the ceramic media you mentioned, if so, where can you purchase it?). Is the reason why you glued the cork pieces higher above the bottom of the tank so you can access it more easily for cleaning?

    I also wanted to know if you poked holes in the loc spray bars to distribute the water?

    Thanks again for your inspiration!!

  2. The loc line has nozzles built in.

    The white mesh allows water to pass under the cork, acting like an undergravel filter.

    Inside the mesh is the pump, which is wrapped in blue filter foam with a rubber band around it.

    The tank is doing fine. It provided most of the HC for my larger 45g paludarium, and is now regrowing what was harvested. I am in the process of swapping out the substrate for a buffering gravel, to see how the plants are affected by buffered water through the drip system, and to start keeping hard water shrimp in the tank. It will be a couple of weeks before that’s done I think. At which point I’ll be adding a Dwarf Mexican Crayfish as the main inhabitant.